The Cannonaid.

Cueing aid for the game of pool, snooker, and billiards.

Designed for disabled, handicapped, arthritic, people who cannot bend over, and also wheelchair bound persons.

By a disabled person.

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The Inventor ( with one arm, due to road accident ) has played Mr Ray Reardon world snooker champion, to a game of Snooker, without the "Cannonaid" he would have just sat and watched other people, take on the 6 times World Snooker Champion and coach to Ronny O'Sullivan the new  2004 World Snooker Champion

He lost, and estimates that if he had 10 arms, he still would have lost,
but without the Cannonaid, there would have been no match what so ever.
It was not really a contest, but was a fun time.
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The lower aperture is for standard in-line shots

The top vee is for over the ball shots.
More Images of Mr Ray Reardon

The Cannonaid has been designed for the base to fit under the side cushion, to facilitate the all important shots along the cushion.

The Cannonaid is manufactured from solid Stainless Steel & lightly polished.
Resulting in a robust high class cueing aid, which can easily fit into a pocket, and will last a life time.

If you love the game but have had an accident, or you are a war veteran with one arm, arthritic, wheelchair bound, or just cannot bend over.

This is for you, or for your loved one

As from the photgraphs above, the top Vee is for over the ball shots, and the bottom vee is for the in-line shots. With the cue stick in the lower vee area The Cannonaid can easily be lift from the table and reposition as required.
please view the video for the Cannonaid in action.

This invention has been thoroughly tested over a long period of time, refined, and is now bought to the market as a best ever devise available for the single arm / hand player, handicapped, arthritic, people who cannot bend over, and also wheelchair bound persons..


This Invention is patented, in the USA with other patents pending. Registered Design, ©2000

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This site is for DISABLED PERSONS wishing to play   SNOOKER , POOL and BILLIARDS,
The game of snooker, pool & billiards is world wild.

Disabled persons with one arm, wheelchair bound, bad back preventing, then  The CANNONAID  is for you

Naturally the Cannonaid is suitable for the one handed snooker, pool and billiards player who can use
   to enjoy & play the game., dispite their handicap.

Mr Cannon plays Mr Ray Reardon for a game of Snooker