for disabled & handicapped persons wishing to play,
snooker, pool, billiards

The Cannonaid
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Matthew Lester using the Cannonaid

Sorry but cannot proceed with any orders at this moment, as Mr Cannon was taken into hospital on Thursday the 15th Sept 2016 , as he fell when getting out of the chair while being helped to go to the toilet & broke his foot.

A bit of history :- Mr Cannon had a very bad motoring accident around 30 odd years ago, where he ended up loosing his right arm and a very badly damaged right leg, and could only walkabout 100 yards at a time. Last October he had another fall on his bad side where he cannot save himself or his head, from hitting the ground, and has been stuck for  90 % of the time in a chair,
and can only move with help.

Please email me if you are interested in purchasing a Cannonaid, & I will take note of your request & let you know when he is back at base. The hospital, want to send him to re-hab
to see if they can get him walking ( somewhat ) on his own.

Timewise I have no idea.         Please email: -

Regards,      Terry


Cueing Aid for the game of Pool, Snooker, and Billiards

Designed for disabled, handicapped, arthritic, people who cannot bend over,
& wheelchair bound persons

( by a disabled / handicapped inventor )

The New Consignment has arrived which are cheaper
and have a highly polished finish.
New price = £33.00 down from £43.00


This invention is designed for :-
The one arm person.
The one handed person
Somebody with a broken arm
Somebody with arthritis or a bad back who cannot bend over
Persons confined to a wheel chair
Persons with out any hands or arms,
( using a special cue stick, that can be held in the mouth )

The Cannonaid is manufactured from Solid Stainless Steel & is highly polished giving a silver like finish.
( It is very robust and will take some rough treatment )

Hi Terry and David

I'm delighted to tell you, this weekend I won my first title at the Southern 9-ball Open on the BWPPA pool tour!
I probably couldn't have had a tougher draw, so it makes it even more special.
I've also ended the season in the top 8 in the rankings.
None of this would be possible without the   Cannon Aid,
please pass on this message to David, and let him know how grateful I am.

Signed by :- Matthew Lesterml/article.php?sid=2820




This Invention is patented, in the USA with other patents pending. Registered Design, ©2000

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The game of snooker is world wild which is the same for billiards and pool.

If you are disabled with one arm, wheelchair bound, bad back preventing you to bend over then this invention The CANNONAID, cannonaid is for you

Naturally the Cannonaid is suitable for the one handed snooker, pool and billiards player.


disabled snooker and billiards, billiard, pool player can use the Cannonaid to enjoy the game., even though they may have a handicap.